Index and classify your documents in digital format, individually or in bulk, in just a few clicks.


Doc.Desktop is a powerful production tool. From the desktop or Windows file system, you can convert files to PDF / PDF-A or leave them in their native formats, classify and index them as you wish, then send them to electronic document management or your own solution.

Thanks to a user interface designed entirely with you in mind, with unrivalled ergonomics, you'll work faster and more efficiently. Doc.Desktop is a ready-to-use, modular business application designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding users.

Integration with all systems.

Doc.Desktop features a series of connectors that enable you to connect to all your applications, including SharePoint, AIRS, Doc.ECM, Alfresco, Nuxeo, DropBox, Google Drive, Bonita and many others, such as all your business applications. The solution also enables standard export of fields in XML or CSV, and transforms your documents into PDF/A (fulltext).

Doc.Desktop can also communicate with any ODBC-compatible database. This flexibility makes Doc.Desktop the ideal application for all users in an organization, enabling them to insert and file all types of documents quickly and easily.

Doc.Desktop also extends document insertion to the whole company, using not only standard Windows installations, but also Terminal Server and Citrix® servers.

Main features

Basic licenses per station.

Supports all document formats (Docx, Xlsx, Pdf, Txt, jPG, Mp4, ...).

Customizable indexing mask.

Multi-content management.

Database connection.

Connection to Web Services and/or API's

Convert desktop publishing documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) into PDF/A documents.

Automatic data validation and control before export.

Simple, graphic tool configuration.

Merge PDF or native documents.

Native or PDF/A (fulltext) export.

XML and image export.

Choose the right plan for you


Conversion to PDF/A

Merging documents



Billing: Monthly


Conversion to PDF/A

Merging documents



Billing: One-off, plus annual maintenance