General document management

General document management is a fundamental pillar of any company's internal structure. It enables administrative documents to be easily organized, stored and retrieved within a digital library. These documents include those that are not integrated into specific workflows, such as supplier invoices, HR files, contracts, etc. In today's increasingly digital world, Electronic Document Management (EDM) is the key to efficient, secure document management. It is a key asset in guaranteeing optimal traceability, improved accessibility and considerable time savings.


The EDM transforms paper documents into digital files, while taking care of those already in digital form, creating a well-organized digital library. It makes use of advanced technologies, such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition), to facilitate document search and access. Thanks to version management, access control and auditing mechanisms, EDM guarantees document integrity and confidentiality. What's more, it fosters collaboration both inside and outside the company by simplifying document sharing and the collection of electronic signatures. Implementing an EDM system for general documents modernizes document management and supports regulatory compliance.

Benefits of EDM for general documents

Space optimization: Reduce the space required for physical storage, enabling more efficient use of premises

Filing optimization: Improving the filing structure for both paper and electronic documents (Windows system), for efficient management.

Fast access: Immediate search and access to documents, improving operational efficiency.

Enhanced security : Strict access control and traceability of modifications for enhanced document security.

Regulatory compliance : Facilitate compliance with legal and regulatory requirements through structured document management.

Lower costs: Lower printing, mailing and storage costs.

Improved collaboration: Easily share documents with colleagues, partners and customers.

Environmental sustainability: Reduced carbon footprint by minimizing the use of paper and associated resources.