Optimize your business with Customer File Management

Customer file management and follow-up

Customer file management is of crucial importance to any business. It offers an organized and efficient way of tracking and administering all the information and documents linked to your customers.

Why is proper customer file management so essential?

Navigating through a multitude of documents can be complicated. That's why efficient management of customer files is a must. A simple, user-friendly Electronic Document Management (EDM) system makes it easy to structure and manage these files efficiently.

Whether your company has 1 or 100 employees, you need the right tools to manage your customer files efficiently.

Your benefits

Quick, intuitive filing of customer documents

Immediate access to documents

Documents accessible to all stakeholders

Reduced duplication and printing of documents

Our solution for Customer File Management

Our solution allows you to :

  • Digitize your customers' documents
  • Organize them according to a predefined filing structure

  • Perform searches quickly and easily
  • Assign a management status to your customers' documents, specifying the responsibilities of each employee at a given time

  • Manage different versions of documents for transparent tracking of operations carried out

Discover our Solution Features

Customer Document Scanning

Transform your customers' physical documents into digital format for easy storage and retrieval.

Filing Documents

Our simple filing system, based on a predefined plan and filing structure, lets you organize your customers' documents efficiently.

Fast and efficient search

With our powerful search engine, you can find the documents you need quickly and easily.

Document status management

Assign a management status to your customers' documents to precisely define the responsibilities of each employee.

Document version management

Our version management solution enables you to track changes made to documents, ensuring clear, detailed monitoring of operations carried out.

Customer file management is more than just a task, it's a way of improving the efficiency of your business. By clearly understanding your needs, we'll help you implement a customer records management solution that will optimize your business.