Optimize your business with Electronic Mail Management

Scanning incoming and outgoing mail

In our constantly evolving digital age, the digitization of incoming and outgoing mail offers invaluable advantages. This approach enables efficient, digital mail management, centralizing all your documents on a single platform for process optimization.

Why opt for Electronic Mail Management?

The question is: why use electronic mail management? Digital mail management, whether paper or electronic, streamlines processes. It brings all documents together on a single platform, making mail processing and retrieval much easier.

Your benefits

Quick and easy mail sorting

Immediate access to documents

Reduced risk of document loss

Optimization of incoming and outgoing mail management procedures

Compliance with legal and regulatory standards

Support for your digitization process

Solution available in Cloud version, 100% Swiss

Electronic mail management offers a host of advantages, including the ability to :

  • Digitally archive incoming paper mail
  • Archive incoming and outgoing e-mails
  • Distribute mail to appropriate recipients for validation
  • Classify mail according to criteria such as project, theme, customer or any other area relevant to your business

Electronic Mail Management features

An electronic mail management platform offers a wide range of functions, including :

Scanning and archiving incoming paper mail

Incoming mail scanning lets you convert physical documents into digital files, making them easier to store and find.

Archiving incoming and outgoing e-mails

In addition to paper mail, electronic mail management lets you archive incoming and outgoing e-mails, ensuring that all important communications are kept in one place.

Mail Distribution and Validation

Distribution of mail to the appropriate recipients for validation ensures a smooth and efficient communication process.

Mail classification

The ability to classify mail by project, customer, theme or any other criterion relevant to your business allows you to organize your documents logically and intuitively.

Outgoing Mail Editing, Signing and Sending Processes

Last but not least, the editing, electronic signature and outgoing mail functionality lets you manage all aspects of your company's communication from a single platform.

Electronic mail management is more than just a tool - it's a complete solution that lets you optimize your processes, save time, and focus on what's really essential to your business. With this approach, you enter the digital age efficiently and intelligently.