Managing human resources files

Digitization of Employee File Management

Doc.SERIES offers a turnkey solution to simplify and optimize the management of human resources files within your company. This solution enables the organization, filing and efficient distribution of all documents associated with your employees' files.

Our solution, specially designed for the human resources sector, makes managing your documents and files more accessible than ever. It enables you to scan all your HR documents and file them intuitively according to a predefined structure. What's more, thanks to our powerful search engine, you no longer have to waste time looking for specific documents. You'll also benefit from a validation process for leave requests, automated distribution of pay slips, and easier management of employee departures.


  • Scanning HR documents
  • Intuitive filing based on a predefined layout and structure
  • Employee access to personal files
  • Fast, efficient search engine to find documents in the blink of an eye
  • Automated pay slip distribution process
  • Validation process for leave requests
  • Smooth management of file closure following employee departures

Your benefits

Quick and easy filing of HR documents

Immediate access to documents for all authorized parties (employees, HR, HRD, management, department heads)

Save money by avoiding duplication and printing of documents