Optimize your supplier invoice management with dematerialization

Dematerialize and optimize the process

Optimize your supplier invoice management with dematerialization

Managing supplier invoices is a crucial step for any company. However, this task can quickly become tedious and time-consuming, particularly when invoices are in paper format. To make this process more efficient, dematerializing supplier invoices is becoming an attractive alternative.

Your benefits

Improved validation workflow

Reduced time spent on invoice entry

Free up physical storage space

Quick and easy invoice searches

The disadvantages of traditional supplier invoice management

Conventional supplier invoice management has a number of disadvantages:

  • The need for substantial archive storage space
  • The risk of lost documents, which can complicate and prolong the process
  • Considerable processing time, from receipt to posting of invoices
  • The tedious, time-consuming and repetitive task of entering invoices
  • Searching for invoices is often laborious and time-consuming

To meet these challenges, Doc.SERIES offers a fully paperless processing solution for supplier invoices.

How does our electronic supplier invoice solution work?

Our solution simplifies and accelerates the supplier invoice management process thanks to a series of automated steps:

  1. Invoice scanning : All supplier invoices are scanned for simplified electronic management.
  2. Document indexing : Digitized invoices are indexed for easy search and retrieval.
  3. Sending Invoices in the Digital Validation Flow : Indexed invoices are forwarded to the appropriate managers for digital validation.
  4. Invoice validation : Invoices are validated by the various validators, managers or department heads concerned.
  5. Return to accounting department : Once validated, invoices are returned to the accounting department.
  6. Digital export and archiving : Validated invoices are exported to the accounting software and digitally archived.

Ready to go paperless?

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With dematerialized supplier invoices, you can improve your invoice management and increase your company's efficiency.


  1. Invoice scanning
  2. Document indexing
  3. Sending invoices in the digital validation workflow
    • Validation of invoices by the various validators/managers/department heads
    • Back to the accounting department
  4. Export to accounting software and digital archiving of invoices